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Spray Tans Los Angeles


Providing women and men with a healthy glow and bronzed look for over 25 years


There is an art to obtaining the perfect tan, and we know what it is. For over 25 years, Soleil Beauty Salon has been providing our clients with the gorgeous radiant, sun-kissed look they wish to achieve through our spray tanning services. Our experts use high end machines and an organic vegan solutions. 

What is Spray Tan?


Spray tanning is a form of sunless tanning that gives you a natural sun-kissed look. While fair-skinned people get a natural tan effortlessly, there are some people who are either allergic to the sun or can’t find the time to sit out and get that healthy glow. Spray tanning gives you that little bit of added color that gives your skin a well-defined, bronzed glow. 


A fine mist is sprayed onto the body. The mist contains an organic vegan solution made of beets that gently interacts with your skin’s chemistry to turn it into a golden tan.


Tanning is a temporary effect that lasts anywhere between three and seven days. The best part – tanning is completely safe. 


Sunless tanning effects are great and are preferred by several celebrities and models than sitting out in the sun. 


While a mist can be applied from a variety of devices, we have found that hand-held applicators provide the most ‘even’ results.


Why Choose us For your Spray Tan Needs?


There are several beauty salons around LA that offer spray tanning. But it takes an experienced spray tanning professional to understand your needs and provide you with a hygienic and safe tanning experience. You can rely on Soleil Beauty Salon for your spray tanning requirements – here’s why:


25 Years of Experience 


Our tanning experts at Soleil Beauty Salon have 25 years of experience in the cosmetic industry and can advise you on the type of tanning that will suit your skin, the type of tanning to use, and also the extent of tanning that will look good on you.


Private Consultations

Did you know that there are six skin types? Each of these skin types requires a certain tanning period. Some skin types must exercise caution before a skin tan, while others might not be able to undergo spray tanning as their skin type is too sensitive to stand the treatment. Our professional cosmetologists will be able to tell you your skin type, whether spray tanning is right for you, and your options. We respect and ensure your complete privacy.


Private Studio 

We have turned your treatment room into a luxurious private studio. You have access to this studio where you can relax undisturbed during the tanning process. We take your health into consideration and ensure your private studio is completely clean before you enter for your spray tanning process.


Handheld High-End Machine 

At Soleil Beauty Salon, we use advanced spray tan machines that are portable and lightweight, ensuring you get an even tan throughout your body.


Organic Vegan Solution Made From Beets 

Our entire spray tan solution product line is 100% vegan and made from organic-sugared beets to ensure it delivers a beautiful sun-kissed glow every time, while at the same time ensuring your skin is protected.


Happy Customers

Most of our clients are repeat customers, which says they are happy with the service we provide and the results.  We are one of the best spray tan and beauty salons near you and are located in downtown LA. 

pricing ............ $65 (in studio) or $95 (on location)

Give us a call or text at 310.880.0970 and schedule an appointment today.

Interested in our other services? Visit our services page for more info.

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