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Grooming & Best Men's Haircut Los Angeles

The ultimate grooming destination for men


Welcome to Soleil Beauty Salon – the unisex hair salon that has it all- from massages to therapeutic treatments, haircuts, and grooming. We endeavor to take care of all your grooming requirements while providing you with a luxurious experience that your local barber can’t.


For the last 25 years, we have been helping men and women look and feel their best. We have evolved over time, and so have our techniques and products. 


Today, our clients are indulged in the best and latest men’s products, and all specialty services are conducted with state-of-the-art instruments. 


Men’s Haircutting and Services at Soleil Beauty Salon


When you walk into our spacious luxury salon, you will first notice the calm, professional, and very private ambiance in our salon. We ensure that every client is given their privacy – which means, we ensure that when we look after your haircutting and grooming requirements, we treat you as our sole customer. 


You will also notice that we have a separate area for men and a separate area for women. So, you can feel comfortable in your own private space. 


Men’s Haircut


Getting your haircut right is critical to your confidence. It’s important that your hairstylist understands what you need. Our professional men’s hair stylists have over two decades of experience in cutting men’s hair, and we know what questions to ask to ensure you get the cut you desire.


Men’s hairstyling can be complicated. From having your hair long enough to comb on top but short or semi-short on the sides, or medium, long, or extra long at the back and sides – we understand individual needs can vary. 


We are also comfortable with you talking to us in technical men’s hairstyle terms – taper,, haircut grades, neckline, texture, layers, thinning – we understand it all, and we ensure you don’t leave us disappointed.


Whether it is a French crop, or a crew cut hairstyle, you can be sure that our experience, techniques, and instruments will get it the way you want to flaunt it.


Men’s Short Haircut


While a short haircut is the simplest low-maintenance haircut for you, it takes skill to get it right. Our hairstylists can get your cut and style just right for you – no matter how short you want it, or how you want it styled.


Wash and Style

If you require a quick wash and style when you are on the go, Soleil Beauty Salon – the unisex hair salon in downtown LA – is the place to visit. Our hairstylists get several requests a day from busy professional men who want a quick wash and style before an important meeting. 


We use high-quality, pro-skin, grooming products to ensure your hair looks its best. Give us a call today, and we can fix up a quick wash and style or a complete grooming session for you. 


Male Grooming Services


Stressed, tired, or worried? Our professional grooming services for men will help you relax and feel rejuvenated. At Soleil Beauty Salon, we offer you complete male grooming services and ensure you leave us looking like a thorough gentleman. Our services include:


  • Straightening services

  • Scalp massage

  • Haircut services

  • Face massage

  • Hair Spa services

  • Hair treatment


Soleil Beauty Salon is known to be one of the top-rated hair salons in downtown LA. Give us a call at 310.880.0970 and schedule an appointment today.

Intrested in our other services? Visit our services page for more info.

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