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Holistic Wellness Center Los Angeles


Soleil Beauty Salon offers you a wide array of wellness therapies for a healthy body and mind. Get rid of stresses and strains of everyday life in our spacious, private, and luxurious surroundings. We ensure your peace of mind and relaxation in our modern and elegant boutique salon with a private area for your wellness therapy.

Sound Bath


Experience the deep, calming effects of sound vibrations


A sound bath is a relaxation technique and a meditative experience where you ‘bathe’ in sound waves that are produced by instruments such as drums, chimes, gongs, and singing bowls, as well as sounds produced by a human voice.


While it’s a holistic practice that dates back to very ancient times, this form of therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the West. It is known to be extremely beneficial for the overall health and well-being. 


At Soleil Beauty Salon, our sound bath professionals will help you relax and calm down as vibrations wash over you. Reduce pain and relieve stress and anxiety. Get your ‘chakras’ balanced and get into a deep meditative state at the private sound bath room in our luxury salon.


Soleil Beauty Salon is known to be one of the top-rated wellness salons. Give us a call at 310.880.0970 and schedule an appointment today.

Interested in our other services? Visit our services page for more info.

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