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Looking for the Best Hair Colorist in Los Angeles?

We don’t simply color hair – we also ensure we get it right. 


Ever heard of the color theory for hairdressing? Color theory is used to correct tones. There are several factors that can change the color of your hair – for instance, your health and environmental issues. But at Soleil Beauty Salon, we ensure that when you leave us, you are thoroughly happy with your hair color.

Hair color services offered at Soleil Beauty Salon

We use Oway organic hair color, the world’s first professional beauty line handcrafted with pure essential oils, biodynamic botanicals, and fair trade ingredients. It is also ecofriendly. The professional products eliminate plastic containers, choosing to enclose the formulas in glass and aluminum containers. 


Partial Highlight


Get partial highlights for a brightening or a framing effect. Known sometimes as ‘half head of highlights,’ partial highlights allow you to still enjoy the color of your natural hair while providing highlights to add a dramatic effect to your hair.


Our professional hair artists know just how to place highlights interestingly, at high and low points of your hair. Whether it is adding partial highlights to your natural waves for added dimension or to brighten your face with simple front-framing highlights, choose from subtle browns to playful and cool colors. If you are not sure what will suit you, book a consultation with our experts today. We are known to be one of the best salons for highlights.


Full Highlight


Get full highlights for your hair going from dark to light without the use of any bleach. At Soleil Beauty Salon, we can give you the look you want – natural or dramatic. We offer multi-dimensional highlights that leave your hair looking breathtakingly healthy, bouncy, and full of life. Choose from reds, auburn, browns, and blond colors – and many more. We can change your hair color completely and transform you from a brunette to a blonde or whatever you are to whatever you choose to be – with and without layers, curly or straight hair.


All Over Color


Hide-away those unwanted and unsightly grays with a full All Over Color done by our professional hairstylists. Soleil Beauty Salon specializes in covering gray. We ensure proper coloring of your hair from roots to tips, with every strand covered with deep, rich, and solid color that shines brilliantly with life and vitality. We also specialize in color correction. 


All our hair services are carried out professionally and without compromising on the quality or integrity of your hair.


Ombre Partial Color


Our ombre partial color technique leaves your hair color changing from a lighter to a darker shade ever so subtly. While the ombre technique is absolutely stunning, it also needs to be done right. At Soleil Beauty Salon, we ensure we get your trendy ombre partial color just right.


Ombre Full Color 


Ombre hairstyle colors must be carefully chosen. Our hairstylists can help you choose the best color – deep reds, coppers, bronze, rich browns, toffee, or golden caramel hues depending on your skin tone – darker skin, medium skin tone, or fair skin tone.


Bleach and Tone


Going for the blonde look? Bleach and tone always go together. Don’t let any hairstylist tell you otherwise. With our 25+ years of experience in the industry, our professionals are experts at ensuring proper bleach and tone, safely and thoroughly.


Why us?


With our expertise and experience, you can be sure that when we are done with your hair coloring job, you will be thrilled with our hair studio salon. We take the time and pains to go through every inch of your hair to ensure the colors are even. We specialize in painting close to the scalp so that the roots don’t stand out. At Soleil Beauty Salon, we use what you choose. So, if you prefer organic vegan colors to chemical colors, we have it for you.


Give us a call today at 310.880.0970 and get ready for a customized experience with us.


Interested in other services? Visit out services page for more info. 

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